What is Oncor?

Oncor Solutions Inc. is a resource firm which prides itself in training, marketing and innovative sales principles. With over 35 years of wide-spread business experience, we at Oncor are designed to address obstacles that obstruct a firm’s growth objectives and digital identity. We take pride in solving big problems with simple solutions that put you and your firm in a better position within the technological environment.

Take a look around, get to know us, view some of the firm’s we’ve helped and contact us. Together, we can market, consult and position your firm one step closer to the green.

Why Social Media


The age old question…What can you do for me? The simple answer is help you grow your business.  We find out from you your biggest problem and your utmost business desire and lead you down the steps to getting you there.

Everyone else lists there service offerings and their features and benefits.  Not us!  Ok…..will actually do BUT this is for your benefit not ours.

We use our expertise with the tactics below to help YOUR business do 3 things – GET FOUND by potential customers, CONVERT those potential customers to your list or cash register, and then ANALYZE both the successes and failures and repeat the process over and over again.
Close The Loop

Solution to what?

  • Increased Revenue
  • ROI on your marketing spend
  • Online market penetration
  • Getting FOUND by your potential customers
  • Getting a reaction and interaction from your marketing campaigns
Depending on YOUR OBJECTIVES, we can tailor a solution.  We know we can help.  We just want to
know if their is a FIT between YOU, YOUR OBJECTIVES and US!
Here is how we operate – in a nutshell!
We look at things in this simple process:
Objectives: What is it your after?
  • Money?
  • Building a database?
  • Get noticed in your marketplace
  • Educating your market place?
  • Customer interaction and feedback
  • WHAT?  Spell it out for us
Once these have been established then we look at how to measure success/failure.
Ok we call this Barometers (we don’t like the term, but haven’t found one better…YET!!).  The goal here is to measure everything.  These indicators will tell you the good or bad if your on the right track.
A little secret to what we normally find in most businesses.
What objectives – what barameters.  Most business work backwards.  They look at the RESULTS they want and then start throwing strategies
and tactics up against the window and see what sticks.  If that doesn’t work try again.
GREAT!!  Awesome process (that is us being sarcastic).
Lets spin this another way.
Keep an eye on these things:
  • Website Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Size of Database – number of lists you are developing (guess what not all lists are the same)
  • Interaction / Comments with your database
  • Campaign analytics
As numbers go up or down in these areas, guess what!  Each one of these has a direct correlation with your objectives.  Each one is
producting results – good or bad.
We then get your business to start to thinking in terms of:
Before: Before they even come to your website, or call from your advertisement, or research from that referral
  • How are your potential customers finding you?
  • If your not being found – WHY?
  • What are you doing to engage potential customers?
  • What is the ACTION you want these potential customer to do (and yes we know you are saying – buy my product/service right now)
  • The customer has his wallet out!  Now what?
  • Are you upselling, downselling?
  • What does your selling process look like?  Are you missing ‘money bumps’ along that process?
  • How are you getting there feedback?
  • How are you interacting with them after they leave?
  • How are you tracking those interactions?
  • How are you getting them to refer others like them?
  • Whats next to sell?

Why Us

We are a marketing and sales organization.  Ok that is the politically correct answer.

How about the 30 second elevator pitch!

We help businesses solve their BAP’s (BIG @$# PROBLEMS)!

Now that get’s attention in the elevator!

Here is what we know – Sales and Marketing are the drivers of business.  Period!

Where do we come into play?

We do an indepth due diligence on everything from how or if you are being FOUND online, to weather your marketing copy even causes someone to give a dam, and we don’t TAKE YOUR MONEY until we have figured out how we ALL WIN.  We are NOT a consulting service without a purpose.  We spend the hard effort with you FIRST, to see if WE FIT, only then do we financially engage .

We care about our clients – We care about our work and it has to MAKE SENSE before we work together.

We are draw a line in the sand on some serious points!

  • Online and Offline marketing are a must!
  • Building Lists and Relationships with those lists are a must!
  • Tracking your marketing spend to predict ROI is a must!
  • Engaging with customers before, durning and after they interact with you is a must!

Why can we be so strong?

A combined 75 years in business, marketing and sales.  We have had over 5 million customers interact with our clients – products/services over this time.  We have helped generate clients databases of over 2 million and We DO get returns on marketing investment – EVERYTIME!!

That’s why!